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Before and After



Not only do we take time to give you a BEAUTIFUL paint job, but we also take time to keep your house clean during AND after the project. On our larger projects where lots of dust is created, we even hire cleaning companies to come in after us and dust, sweep, vacuum, and mop ALL affected areas.


As you know, the most important part of ANY paint job, is the preparation. Whether your exterior is wood, stucco, cement fiber board, or any other material,'  we take the time to properly prepare all surfaces to the paint bonds well, and looks great... for years to come!



We love our restorations... because no one comes close to the amount of care and preparation we put into making sure the exterior surfaces of your house are restored to the best condition possible before we even THINK of applying any finish coats. We scrape, sand, dust, caulk all cracks, holes and joints, repair any damaged wood/siding, and heavily prime by hand (to push the paint deep into the cracks/pores) with "deep-penetrating" oil-based primer). Then finally, we apply 2-3 coats of high-quaility exterior finish paint, and heavily too... so that when we're done, it was as if your house was dipped in plastic!

Wood Restorations


Wood is one type of material which, without proper care, you could end up needing to replace it every 10 years. So, with that in mind, we use nothing but the quality penetrating stains and sealers with the BEST UV PROTECTION, that bring out the best colors, and give the most added life to your prized wood.

Then for your clear coats, we use nothing but the most durable "high-build" clear coats available to give that final thick layer of protection for the beautiful wood that will soon be the jewel of your home.

Decorative Finishes


Decorative finishes have always been a fun past time with us. The ability to watch a project get transformed from ordinary to extraordinary, is very rewarding, and brings smiles to all who get to witness the art. Ask us about all the different decorative and faux finishes we have at our fingertips to bring elegance to your home. From wall glazing and wood graining to marblizing venetian plasters, and many more, we have the skills to turn your project into a masterpiece.

Cabinet and Woodwork Finishing


From refinishing an antique chair, to a distressed finish to all the cabinets in your house, we take the time to use the right techniques and highest quality materials to bring beauty and durablility back to the funiature you have grown to love and hope to fall in love with... again.




From new production to historic restoration, we have finished products of all types in commercial painting, ranging from Lowes in Ogden and office buildings all over, to the Ellen Eccles Theater in Logan and the LDS conference center in Salt Lake City. If you have a small business that needs just a color change, or a historical project that needs professionals with attention to detail, Pioneer Painting has the experience to make sure your project is done right, done well, to specifications, and on time.
Concrete Finishes


Whether you just want an oil stained garage floor thoroughly cleaned, etched and painted, or a beautiful colorful decorative stained finish to the floor of your resturaunte, Pioneer Painting has been providing durable decorative concrete finishes since 2003, and has the experience and expertise to give you a beautiful floor that will catch everyone's eyes for years to come!


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